Why Strippers become escorts

Strippers often become escorts

Why strippers end up becoming escorts is a question often asked in the adult entertainment industry. Girls are fully aware that they are paid a higher average income when they become strippers. But are not yet confident enough to become an escort. They believe, it is an easier job to dance, take off their clothes to strangers without any physical contact or talking. They are also well protected by security guards which ensures their safety. No customers can touch them. With films such as Flashdance and Showgirls, the women are portrayed as professional dancers just trying to get by financially through stripping. There is nothing seedy because they are dancing in sexy outfits or knickers. Many girls do this in a nightclub or around their bathrooms for free! Therefore, a stripper’s job is appealing to young girls who need extra money. Particularly university students who need to work around their studies. A job as a stripper can give girls a sense of empowerment without degrading themselves into prostitution. But as we all know, things change, and girls want and need more as the years go on. 

Once they have built up their confidence in entertaining men, very often they look to further their career. Either for a more exciting venture or for more money. Escort jobs are the next appropriate step. These girls have had a taster of a good income, so it’s difficult for them to go into a normal 9-5 job. They have already made friends within the adult industry and are very know of someone who has become an escort from a stripper. Usually they grow to love the attention given by men and still look for that within a job. Their stripping job can be used as an extra quality to add to their escort profiles. After all, many men ask for a private erotic striptease or lap dance when they visit an escort. So, in essence, it’s an extra string-to- their-bow. Thus, giving them the title of stripper escorts. There is nothing more exciting than watching your escort move her slim toned body as she removes her clothes! Strippers end up becoming very popular escorts. They already have body confidence from when they were a stripper.  

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