Why are there less Russian escorts in the UK now

Russian escorts

There are less and less Russian escorts in the United Kingdom, as the years go on. Once upon a time, nearly all of the high class escorts in London were Russian; and the same can be said for all of the other cities too. However, now they have been replaced with ladies of a much lesser quality. Such as those from Romania. 

Even Putin says “our (Russian) prostitutes are the best in the world”. Which has been proven many times over, by the ladies from Russia who came to the United Kingdom in the past. 

For this reason, clients are begging to know the reason behind one question: Why are there less and less Russian escorts in the United Kingdom? 

“It is such a shame that we no longer have an abundance of Russian escorts available to us anymore. They were the best escorts ever. Now the quality of girl overall has gone totally downhill.” – Garry, from Birmingham, UK. 

It has been becoming more and more difficult for ladies, and even gentlemen, of Russian nationality to get into Europe in general, but, especially into the United Kingdom, since they tightened up on the movement of people from places like this, that are outside of the countries in Europe. 

A lot of people think that Russia is in Europe, when in fact, it is only in the European land mass. It is not actually an E.U Member state and therefore, does not share any on the benefits, that a country in Europe would do. So, it is extremely hard for them to get into the United Kingdom. The country was not so strict, but, once the UK realised they had a problem with Russian escorts coming over. They soon clamped down on it. 

This is the main and pretty much only reason why there are less and less Russian escorts in the UK. It is a shame, as they were loved by all clients up and down the country. Maybe one day they will be allowed to return and give the gentlemen the services they desire, once more. 

Do you think they should be allowed back into the UK? Or do you think that the escorting scene is much better without them?

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